Like any Personal Computer, most Windows Mobile users like to customize their device to better fit their personal needs.  While most of these can be done via the settings within Windows Mobile itself, some are not.  Some of these are buried within the Registry of your device, a place that is not recommended for the faint-of-heart or those who are not familiar with how the Registry functions.  Simply put, one wrong move within the Registry of your device can leave your device inoperable.  This would force you to hard reset your device and worst case – if you don’t have a backup of your device – spend hours restoring all of your applications. 

Seeing a desire for users to customize their devices but without having to have detailed knowledge of the Registry, Frank Garcia created Tweaks2K2 .Net.  Tweaks2K2 allows you to make over 100 different tweaks and changes to your device to make it suit your needs more.  The range of tweaks that are available is impressive and reach into the User Interface, Pocket Internet Explorer, and system functions.  Within Tweaks2K2 you can also check memory and battery levels as well as perform soft and hard resets of your device.  All-in-all, for any Windows Mobile user who wants to customize their device and does not want to manually modify the devices’ Registry, Tweaks2K2 is for you. 

Tweaks2K2 is installed via ActiveSync and requires approximately 1.8MB of storage space on your device.  While it can be installed on either a Storage Card or in Main Memory, it is recommended that it be installed into Main Memory.  Tweaks2K2, currently in version 3.20, requires Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE or 5.0 to operate.  Once installed and started, the user interface of Tweaks2K2 is simple with the menus to tweak your device available at the bottom of the display.

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