CoreAVCâ„¢ is the name of the CoreCodecâ„¢ implementation of the MPEG-4 standard called AVC/H.264 and is one of the codecs used in Blu-ray and in High Definition DVD formats. AVC/H.264 is the next-generation standard for video, and CoreAVCâ„¢ is being recognized as being one of the worlds most efficient H.264 software decoder.The efficiency of CoreAVCâ„¢ in ‘software’ is often compared to be faster than other solutions that try to rely strictly on hardware to increase playback performance of H.264 video.
There are 3 Editions available here:
CoreAVCâ„¢ Standard Edition Decoder
Good for everyday users
CoreAVCâ„¢ Professional Edition Decoder
Targeted for users of high end video systems

CoreAVCâ„¢ Enterprise Edition Decoder
Targeted for industry professionals
Not yet available for TCPMP or BetaPlayer! stay tuned!

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    It is a pity that it doesn´t work for TCPMP or some other player.

    An approach simiar to ffdshow in windows would be great

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