Despite the seemingly insignificant version numbering, the latest Orb update (v1.01.0671) offers a significant collection of new and improved features that all Orb users should enjoy. If you don’t know what Orb is, check out the “What is Orb?” page at the Orb Networks web site. In addition, Jason Dunn and Dave Conger talk about it in their latest ThoughtCast, so you may want to download it and hear what they have to say about the service.

In Orb v1.01.0671, you’ll find a new upload/download file browser add-on, support for non-MPEG2 and DVB-T TV tuners, UPnP port configuration, stop and resume functionality in media streams, enhanced contacts support (Gmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Opera, Thunderbird, Yahoo, and Skype), new video sharing capabilities (similar to the existing photo sharing feature), support for Wake-on-LAN (WOL), support for OTA ATSC digital tuners and high-definition TV channels, new picture saving options (single picture, or entire picture folders), updated AccuWeather and Bookmarks add-ons, full support for 3GP video streaming, custom Internet radio, custom Internet TV channels, and more.

These new features are great. They do seem a little overwhelming, but if you get a chance, definitely check out some of the more significant ones such as the file browser add-on and the video sharing capabilities. You’ll soon realise that Orb is more than the standard media streaming service that it once was. And, best of all, it’s free.

Source: PPCT

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