There are 2 methods for Podcast catching on Axim:

1-Use a standalone RSS aggregator on your WM devices (e.g. FeederReader). I think this works well especially on a Mobile Phone device w/EV-DO/EDGE.. or when you are on WiFi frequently w/o a PC/Laptop

2-Use a RSS aggregator (e.g. iTunes, Juice, etc.) on your PC then use an utility such MobSync or iTunes Agent to sync the Podcasts to your WM device storage card over ActiveSync. This is my method of choice. Mobsync launches automatically when ActiveSync starts and constantly monitor for bi-directional synchronization

As far as players. My preferences:

1-Mortpalyer: for the auto playlist creation and the auto sorted with the latest on top. (in addition to awsome skins…) – This only works w/Audio podcast

2-TCPMP/BetaPlayer: can be used for both audio/video, especially for Video podcast. You’d need to dig some additional plug-ins (AAC, AVC-H.624)

Both of these players support album art, if the audio podcast does not have a picture embedded, you might want to create a jpg logo and save it as Folder.jpg and store in the same directory. This will display the logo when playing.

Read the Podcast’s beginner guide here!

FeederReader install tips:

There’s an install video that shows the steps you need to follow to install FeederReader. It even includes grabbing the latest Compact Framework, if necessary, and shows you where to look to check if you have the latest.

I encourage you to spend 6 minutes watching it and following along this video

If you have WM5.0, then you won’t need to do all the steps. Details are

Then once you get it installed, the Getting Started video for using FeederReader is here!

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