As reported here!

“Let me tell you what is going on and what you all should prepare for as we get ready for our 1.0 releases. But before that… let me break down each version of our player.

– TCPMP will be renamed back to BetaPlayerâ„¢ and will be our Open Source playground for testing new technologies for third party licensing.
– Giving birth will be the long awaited CorePlayerâ„¢ , it will be our Closed Source version with alot of features not available in BetaPlayer.

I’m not going to go through alot of the details of in each version at this time. But I will let you know that codecs for our Open Source version of BetaPlayer will be available to purchase in a bundle (CoreASP, CoreAVCâ„¢, CoreMP3, CoreAAC v2.0). So no more confusion on proper playback.

CorePlayer will also feature: an entirely new GUI interface, Skin, Advanced Streaming, UPNP support, Integrated webserver, Client Database…

What OS’s?: CE, Windows Mobile, Windows, .NET, Palm, Symbian, Brew, OS X, MacTel, Java, Linux GTK, Linux QT, Linux Qtopia, Linux Freescale. …”

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