This is a quick tutorial to set up a home iTunes server… a centralized place to put all your music and videos that is also accesible from other computers around the home (Mac or PC)

The first thing you have to do is designate a computer (either Windows or Mac, it doesn’t matter) as your iTunes “server”. Keep in mind, this will need to be a computer that will stay on all the time. Once you have that computer ready, be sure it has a good network connection (by the way, if you don’t have a home network, this isn’t going to work) and the latest version if iTunes installed on it.

And move all your Music and Videos on this server (it’s obvious, isn’t it?).

Once your files are located on the Desktop of your iTunes server, simply drag and drop them all into your iTunes main Library.

Next, we need to share your iTunes Library. To do this, go into the Preferences of iTunes, click on “Sharing“, and choose to “Share my music“. If you want to get picky here, you can choose to either share all of your Library, or just certain playlists. It’s up to you. You will also want to set the name, for example, would be “My Server iTunes“. There is also a place to set a password, but I would recommend not using this. The idea is to only allow authorized people to connect to your iTunes server, but I will assume that your network is fairly secure so that shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, if you plan on accessing this through Front Row, it may have difficulties with passwords.
The last step is to now open iTunes on another computer on your home network (as with the iTunes server, be sure to have the latest version of iTunes installed). Once open, it will automatically search for shared iTunes Libraries on your network. As a result, you should see your iTunes server listed “My Server iTunes” in this case). Simply navigate through your available music and videos, and double-click.
Congratulations! You have now successfully configured your very own iTunes server.

Source: Kevin Allgaier

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