In a “monumental update” of its personal computing portfolio, HP today introduced “the largest product launch in the brand’s history, HP today unveiled 56 iPAQ-related products”.

To be exact, HP introduced five mobile devices, five mobile software programs, 12 mobile services and almost three dozen handheld accessories. The new devices offer an array of mobile features tailored for business and personal use and include a pair of 3G mobile phones, a personal navigation device and two personal digital assistants (PDAs). The new services empower IT organizations with mobile device management, software customization, location-based services and HP Total Care.

The expansion of the iPAQ product line features the following:

  •  HP iPAQ 900 Series Business Messenger – 3G phone(1) with QWERTY keyboard
  • HP iPAQ 600 Series Business Navigator – A two-in-one 3G phone(1) and navigation
  • HP iPAQ 300 Series Travel Companion – Handheld GPS device for business and personal travel featuring graphics acceleration and available 3D maps
  • HP iPAQ 200 Series Enterprise Handheld – Powerful, large screen PDA with Wi-Fi that is well-suited to run a broad range of business applications
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld – Big screen, simple synchronization with personal content, and Wi-Fi connectivity make this sleek, affordable PDA an ideal phone companion
  • HP Enterprise Mobility Suite – Provides mobile device management capabilities that ease device deployments and management within the enterprise
  • HP iPAQ Custom Touch – Small lot iPAQ customization conveniently preloads iPAQ devices with custom applications, themes and settings for enterprise customers
  • HP iPAQ location-based services – A web destination where users can personalize their trip plans, map content and update device software
  • HP Total Care – A suite of services to help iPAQ customers design, manage and implement business mobility, with application mobilization, one-stop help desk, and leasing and lifecycle management
  • HP iPAQ Mobile Broadband Connect – Access the Internet on an HP notebook or PC through a tethered iPAQ 3G phone for high-speed mobile broadband connectivity

Specs and pictures after the jump!

iPAQ 100 Classic Handheld 
Windows Mobile 6 Classic 
Wireless: WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, no phone 
QVGA 3.5”, 320×240 x D: 13.6mm

Data sheet

iPAQ 200 Classic Handheld
Windows Mobile 6 Classic 
Wireless: WiFi b/g, no phone
VGA  4”, 480×640 D: 16mm
2200 mAh battery

Data sheet

iPAQ 300 Travel Companion
Windows CE 
600MHz / GPS
WVGA 4.3”, 800×480 D: 18.2mm
Bluetooth (HF)

Data sheet

iPAQ 600 Business Navigator 
Windows Mobile 6 Professional (touch screen)
Wireless: WiFi b/g, HSDPA, GPS
QVGA 2.8”, 240×320 D: 17.5mm

Data sheet

iPAQ 900 Business Messenger 
Windows Mobile 6 Professional (touch screen)520MHz
Wireless: WiFi b/g, HSDPA, GPS
QVGA 2.46”, 240×320 D: 16mm

Data sheet

Hands-on videos [Courtesy Brighthand]

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