Robert Scoble, a renowned blogger who just debuts at Fast Company.

At Davos , World Economic Forums, Robert was recording interviews on his cellphone and sometimes going live, using a software tool called Qik

Robert was filming and interviewing guests not with a big video camera but a small Nokia N95 (no, the iPhone can’t do this!) mobile phone, that sent a live video stream of the interview to his website. While he was doing the interview, Robert saw live on his phone screen the comments and questions posted by his viewers. So in short he has his viewers participate in to the interview.

You can listen to the latest TWIT Podcast to find out how he does it!

[audio: |autostart=no]

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It clearly shows how the media landscape is changing and how quickly technology is developing. Even two months ago this would not have been possible.

Oh – there’s still one drawback: The phone’s battery allows for about 25 minutes of video streaming. Still, it was very impressive.

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