After FriendMobilizer, Snap2Face is another free Facebook client for Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC and Smartphones). With Snap2Face you stay in touch with Facebook friends all the time.


  • image Sleek, graphic-rich user interface
  • Set your status while on-the-go
  • View friends’ status and detailed information
  • View friends’ friends and send friendship requests
  • Get notified of events like wall post, message, poke, or friend request
  • View your pokes, wall, inbox, and friend requests, all in full text
  • Poke friends, send message to friends, and post on friends’ wall
  • Access you and your friends’ photo albums
  • Upload photos from built-in camera or file folder
  • Import friends’ profile photos to Outlook Contacts (photo Call ID)
  • and more…
Is Snap2Face Free?

Snap2Face is completely free. Data usage charges may apply depending on your mobile carrier. We recommend you get an unlimited data plan from your carrier. Download HERE!.

(Privacy: Snap2Face is a Facebook client running on your mobile phone and it communicates directly with Facebook, without going through external servers. Magnifoca Inc, the maker of Snap2Face, does not collect your information, or share your information with any third-party.)

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