imageBusinessweek shares a source of information coming from Moe Tanabian, a senior principal at IBB Consulting who claims that he has seen the HTC Dream with Android OS device. He gave a lot more details on its software and hardware. The details seem to go along with the details we got from FCC.

Here’s Tanabian’s run-down on the Android phone’s software features:

  • If you want to receive push e-mail, you’ll have to use Google’s Gmail. It’s unclear that the phone will support Microsoft Exchange.
  • The phone will have access to upcoming T-Mobile App Store, which will be very similar to Apple’s store featuring third-party iPhone applications. Only T-Mobile will likely place fewer restrictions on software developers, so that Android phone users may have more games and productivity apps to choose from.
  • The phone will come with Google’s advertising software pre-installed. Customers who opt in to receive mobile ads from Google may be offered to buy the phone for a lower price, and may also pay lower monthly service fees. The Google platform will serve ads based on your interests and location, provided by the phone.
  • The Android phone’s screen will be larger than the iPhone’s, he believes.
  • The handset will feature a track ball, making it easier to navigate menus with one hand.
  • Down the road, perhaps the phone may be able to hook into T-Mobile’s Hotspot @Home service, allowing people to make unlimited calls via the Android phone from home or office.
  • The Android phone will hit stores around Thanksgiving, not in September-October, as some news outlets have reported.

[Source Businessweek]

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