imageThe HTC Dream dubbed as T-Mobile G1 running the first iteration of Google OS Android. In the first release the G1 does not offer any multi-touch capability, which has been a desirable feature that is well known on the iPhone for zooming operation in various applications such Web browser, Map, photos, etc..

The multi-touch requires support for both hardware and software. Android developer community discovered the G1 has indeed hardware support but the first version of Android does not. So they decided to roll up their sleeves and come up with a hack that would add this function. The hack will be available for public consumption but requires several steps including flashing the ROM.   

The hack is still showing some rough transition effects, the author is fully aware and suggests remedies. The hack is still a promising ongoing concept work. Especially useful for developers who want to emulate this function in their apps. We wholeheartedly hope that Google will make it official on the upcoming release of Android.  [Read HERE via Engadget] Thanks Doug M.!

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