Today, digital cameras can take beautiful multi-megapixel photoss. The problem  is the photos are humongous in size. E-mailing such large photo files can clog up your recipient’s Inbox and even impossible sometime.

We showed you how to quickly resize photos before you e-mail them or transfer to your Mobile devices with the free Image Resizer, which is one of the many handy tools that make up the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP. Unfortunately, I just realize this PowerToys utility is no longer supported in Windows Vista…

and there is no easy way to do that under Vista. Luckily I found this free utility from VSO Software called VSO Image Resizer that does exactly the Microsoft PowerToys Resizer for XP.

Once install, you can browse to the folder containing the photos; highlight one or several of them using standard Windows Shift, Ctrl; right mouse click and select resize. A copy of the newly resized will be created in the same folder.

Main window to select basic options
resizing image
Progress bar with thumbnail and expandable log information panel

Download HERE!


  1. Thank you for an answer to resizing pics in Vista!
    Posted March 1, 2009 at 8:22 am | Permalink

    I’ve been looking everywhere for an application that will resize pictures in Vista like windows XP powertoys resizer did. Thank you for this application. Bill

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