At the next MWC in Barcelona, Toshiba will unveil its new multimedia centric  Windows Mobile-power smartphone, the Toshiba TG01.

Long time WM users might recall the last PocketPC that Toshiba produced were the E740, E750 series that excelled in built quality and clean professional design. Toshiba discontinued the PocketPC line few years back, however the relationship between Toshiba and Microsoft was still going on with the Zune 1 built based on the Toshiba GigaBeat. 

But it is time for a renewal with a spanking new slim sexy TG01 powered by a 1GHz processor.image

The TG01 reportedly will pack all of Toshiba’s TV technology into a tiny touchscreen handset, creating the ultimate multimedia experience. The thinnest of the device will be a mere  0.39 inches thick, compared to the iPhone’s 0.48 inch. Missing from the E750, the TG01 will  answer this time with a 4.1” VGA touchscreen with 800 x 480 resolution.

Toshiba’s TG01 will take the honor to feature the Qualcomm’s 1GHz T- Snapdragon QSD2850 chipset that has feature called DSC (dynamic speed control), which intelligently throttles the processing clock speed for better battery life management .

With the slim form factor, evidently there will be no hardware keyboard, but Toshiba’s TG01 will have an optional virtual trackpad on its screen as well as an accelerometer-replacement called a “G-sensor” that Toshiba will use for some “shaking” interactions.

Under the new customized graphical interface made by Toshiba is the venerable Windows Mobile 6  (hopefully 6.5) with the new mobile IE browser supporting Flash.

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