RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the mechanism for readers like you to get updates from blogs like via tools such Google Reader or Bloglines or any Feed aggregator you might have.

imageThese tools actually pull at regular intervals to all the Ping servers to look for new updates. Similarly to you going every hour, from your house to your mailbox to check if mail has delivered.

At the first glance, there is nothing wrong with the system, but I realize in the real-time Twitter era, RSS reader is not quick enough. Deve Winer the inventor of RSS also realized this slowness and he advocates an instant delivery mechanism called RSS Cloud, which basically push the notification to the supported reader as soon as the update is posted.

The first large organization to use this method is community, which covers about 7.5 millions blogs. Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic, which runs, in a post of his blog, he mentions:

“What does this mean to you? Well probably not too much yet, there’s only one reader so far (River2) that supports RSS cloud, but we expect there to be more in the future. We’re also going to be supporting other ways for people to get push notifications (Jabber, email, pings, SUP, pubsubhubbub, Twitter… who knows what else) so people will be able to find out about and visit your new blog posts as soon as possible, making blogging a more real-time experience. Since RSS Cloud is so easy to add to RSS, it seemed like a good place to start.”

You can read a bit more about this on Dave Winer’s blog, ReadWriteWeb, and Techcrunch about RSS Cloud.

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