image NeoReader is a universal barcode scanning application that transforms your mobile phone into a barcode scanner and allows you to access mobile web content by scanning codes from print ads, publication, packaging, billboards, retail display, broadcast media, or any other medium.

Universal means that the NeoReader scans all the standard code types (Data Matrix, QR codes, Aztec Codes, EAN, UPC, and Code 128), so NeoReader is the only scanning software you’ll need.

Install the NeoReader barcode scanning software and you’re one easy click away from information you want – everywhere you go.

It’s so easy to use – launch the NeoReader, click on the barcode with your camera and ZIP…the content is delivered to your phone. No typing URLs into your browser, no painful search engines, no cumbersome menu’s to navigate. 

Create your own 2D Code!

imageIf you can think it, they can link it!
Code content can be linked and used for a variety of applications including ad campaigns, nutritional information, business card information, personal mobile pages, t-shirts, and much more. The possibilities are endless! 

Just go HERE! . Type the URL you want to store in a 2D code. Click the “GO" button and a 2D Data Matrix code is generated for you, instantly. Right click on the image to save it to your computer or copy and paste it for your applications.


NeoReader support all the major phone OS platforms (Android is still missing).  Click here on the list of manufacturers to see the models that are supported by the NeoReader.. To download: go to the URL into your handset’s web browser, and follow on-screen instructions. Then you can download the correct NeoReader version to your mobile phone.

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  1. anonymous
    Posted December 18, 2009 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    Neo Reader is the worst reader on the market and the company is a patent troll trying to monopolize the 2d barcode industry in North America.

    If you have a Blackberry use the internal QR reader that is part of BB Messenger 5.0 – it is by far the best.

    If you have an Android based phone use the Google Bracode Reader. Obviously the Google reader will work best on the Google phone(s)

    If you have an iPhone or pretty much anything else use the Quickmark reader. Quickmark was just endorsed by Google as their reader of choice for the iPhone –

    If you get Neoreader you are supporting an attempt to create an unfair monopoly based on a ridiculous patent.

    Here is a great post on the Neomedia Patent Troll – the last 2 comments are extremly informative –

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