image In an investor conference, Jon Rubinstein, Palm CEO stated the financial results of his company. It trimmed its net loss, it had shipped a total of 783,000 smartphones to retailers in its fiscal second quarter, which ended Nov. 27. That was up 41 percent compared with the second quarter last year, but down 5 percent compared with the first quarter. While the financial results are well below the street expectation, Rubinstein confirmed his confidence for Palm future based on:

  • Palm is controlling its OS, hardware design and service infrastructure for better and unified experience delivery to consumer
  • WebOS is best position to be a cloud-centric platform
  • WebOS 1.3.5 will open up app limit, improve battery life, performance,.. and the OS continues evolving with great features ahead in much timely fashion.

Rubinstein also shared his company’s focus to keep smaller product portfolio and to broader distribution channel with more regions and more carriers. [Via NYTimes]

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