image Many great ways are available to record video in high definition. Unless you save the final cut to your hard drive or DVD, due to the large size, sharing them is a daunting task.

YouTube video uploading is limited to 10 minutes in length and 2GB in size per video. Chances are you have to trim or split your produced videos. Free Video Cutter is a great simple tool (Windows only) to split your final production in to more manageable smaller chunks.

The free utility supports popular formats including MP4, MOV, MPG, DivX, Xvid, AVI, WMV, etc.. in both input and output. If the output is same format as the source, no recoding needed.

The utility is also a lifesaver for Sony Vegas users who run in to issue of audio disappearing on MOV (Quicktime) file. Just have this utility convert the MOV file to WMV and import back to Sony Vegas for editing. Problem solved!

Once select the video in input, the utility gives the duration in length of time. From there you can select the top slider as the beginning and the bottom slider as ending marker to trim the video. For splitting larger video, you can repeat the operation by moving the sliders. There is option to fine splitting with thumbnails in various length.  Download HERE!

[via Lifehacker]

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    It’s Free!
    And It’s great tool!

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