Until now wireless charger solutions such PowerMat, Palm TouchStone, etc.. consist of 2 parts: a base component that plug in to the wall outlet and a special cover or recently a special battery reside in the mobile device itself.   The charging process requires the placement of one over the other.

image While this solution is trying to gain popularity, another true wireless charging has been in the work and demoed by RCA at the CES. In the first phase, RCA creates a portable battery device that harvests the WiFi signals (2.4 GHz) at any available hotspots and charges back to a mobile device via an USB plug. The more exciting solution will come in second phase, the whole circuitry will be built in to the mobile device battery itself, so your mobile device gets charged whenever you are in a coverage of hotspots. Hopefully the WiFi signals used for this purpose are immune from WEP protected hotspots.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”314″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMMbihbeIls[/youtube]
Video courtesy of GerbilGod7 link

In the video, the presenter implies the charging process of a Blackberry from 30% to 100% took 90mn, which is the time that the full charged portable battery took to charge back to the Blackberry. The time seems to be misleading. We really want to know how long actually the portable battery gets charged from 0 to its full capacity via WiFi.

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