Microsoft surface is a very cool but pricey technology, it is only reserved to small niche of corporation, Hotel chain, TV broadcasters, etc.. Microsoft is working to bring the technology to smaller economic scale as it will private showcase the mobile version of Surface at the company TechFest .


From a description of the Mobile Surface on the company’s Microsoft Research (MSR) Web site:

“Our goal is to bring Microsoft Surface experience to mobile scenarios, and more importantly, to enable 3D interaction with mobile devices. We do research on how to transform any surface (e.g., a coffee table or a piece of paper) to Mobile Surface with a mobile device and a camera-projector system. Besides this, our work also includes how to get 3D object model in real-time, augmented reality and multiple-layer 3D information presentation.”

Microsoft’s term Natural user interface (NUI) technology will be a big theme as company moving forward to battle against Google, Apple for its old Windows image.

[Via Mary-Jo Foley ZDnet]

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