By now, enthusiasts must have read all the reviews from prominent bloggers, journalists.. As we stated there were practically no surprises as far as the device, its UI, etc…

image However, this Saturday, if you are among the lucky owners of the spanking new iPad, you will be happy to see few more surprises:

The WSJ reports CBS Corp. and Walt Disney Co.’s ABC are adapting episodes of their TV shows to be viewable free of charge on Apple Inc.’s new iPad, Both US network are offering Apple new TV content as it prepares for the multimedia gadget’s Saturday release.

The two U.S. networks are planning to stream their TV shows over the Internet with commercial breaks, similar to on their existing Web sites, people briefed on the plans said. CBS plans to stream episodes of TV shows through the iPad’s built-in Web browser, while ABC plans to stream its shows in an iPad …

AppAdvice revealed Netflix is offering a free app that allows its subscribers to instantly stream movies on the iPad.

You can watch as often as you want as it’s part of the Netflix unlimited membership if you have it. You can resume watching where you left off on your computer. You can also browse and manage your queue from the app.

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