Mobile app coder is very in high demand our days. The Android market is growing exponentially, why not seize the opportunity to learn and expand your skill set in developing mobile apps. It is easier than you think with the new series of video tutorials offered by Voxisland.  Below is a sample video:

Video link


The tutorials will go through the installation of the SDK (APIs and ADT), eclipse and will bring you to GUI design, coding… and advanced features.

android tutorials

Basic Java language knowledge is expected.
You will learn about how to setup your development environment, how to build a Hello World application, how projects are structured, how to use buttons, toast messaging, radio buttons, checkboxes, lists, longclicks dialog boxes, intents, options and context menus, layout, how to localize, how to store data, how to build background processes, how to deal with security and permissions, how to build graphics, how to integrate maps, how to debug, how to make sure your application is performing well, how to publish an application…
Our android tutorials will drive you through several simle demo applications and code snippets.

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