Sprint, once again capture Apple momentum of the iPad launch for its own benefit. The first wave of the iPad went out with ony WiFi enable and the second wave is about to rolling out with 3G capability in addition to the WiFi at higher cost and $30 monthly.

While I am still seeing the iPad is a perfect device for your couch surfing pleasure, my friends insist they will use it for product demo on the road and anywhere connectivity is a must.

Well, Sprint has a perfect solution for that.  If you buy the Overdrive™ 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot,  at participating Best Buy stores (see picture below), for a limited time, they will throw in for free the 4G Case, which has a pocket to house the Overdrive, so you can simultaneously connect your iPad and four more Wi-Fi enabled devices at 4G speeds anywhere within 4G coverage areas. Meaning now you can use your iPad for everything it was built for, and then some… anywhere.


Before you leave home, don’t forget to charge up the duo. B’cause there is no extra pockets for the chargers!


[Source Sprint]

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