Accuracy, quality and usability are the most important characteristics of any weather program. New Elecont Weather is the most closely meets the requirements.

Windows Mobile 6.5 WeatherThe number of locations has increased significantly. New Elecont Weather keeps you informed on the 10-day and hour-by-hour weather forecast for more than 67,000 cities around the world. The most important that forecasts are now available for Kosovo and Serbia.

The most interesting thing in the new release is a 10-day graph. It helps to understand what weather is coming on the next days or weekend. It is easy and convenient way to get the most valuable information.

The summer is a time for vacations. Elecont Weather has UV alerts and hourly UV forecasts which helps you to protect yourself under the hot Sun. In the new Elecont Weather it is possible to set up different update schedules for Roaming, Wifi, PC or home network.

Our customers asked us to add some data about the Moon. In the new release you can find the most important data as the phase of the Moon, the time of moonrise and moonset.

New Elecont Weather has a lots of small improvements based on the reports of our users.

All these changes helps Elecont Weather to keep the reputation of one of the most powerful and accurate Weather forecasting software for Windows Mobile. Last but not least is that Elecont Weather is actively developing project. All further updates are free.

During the rest of May, our store offers 30% off to the Elecont Weather, available  HERE!

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