image “The revolution we’re about to go through is the biggest single change in television since it went color.” Intel CEO Paul Otellini

Google just unveiled a new software platform for set-top boxes and televisions that promises to blend broadcast TV with the Internet: Google TV. has been born.

 “Google TV to bring the entire Web to the television set…to take the best of what TV offers these days and the best of what the Web offers and combine them.” Senior Product Manager Rishi Chandra,

Google TV’s software is built upon Android 2.1 OS and uses Google Chrome as its browser. Android smartphones can be used as remotes and existing Android applications can run on the platform  as Google’s Android Marketplace will be accessible via Google TV.

A number of hardware partners were announced including set-top, TV sets, Blu-Ray players..

“We’re coming to market soon and we’re coming in a big way,” says Chandra.”…Our goal is to have the same impact on the TV experience that the smartphone had on the phone experience.”  What he meant was Google ecosystem (advertisement, data mining,…) will invade your living room!

Google TV

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Google I/O

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    i think its a better way to do google tv.

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