Exchanging your favorite mobile apps with friends (and even strangers) has become a ritual of the new smartphone culture. Up till now if you wanted to share the apps you are buying with others, you had to either email them or post something on your Twitter or Facebook account. Now, there is an easier way to share and discover great mobile apps within your social network.
Mobihand, who powers SolSie store, has partnered with Blippy, a new social-commerce site that lets you link your customer accounts at sites like Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix so you can show your friends what you’re purchasing. We’ve implemented an (optional) account integration using the secure oAuth methods. Which, for non-techies, means you can connect your MobiHand account without sharing your MobiHand username and password with Blippy.

The only information we share is the name and price of the apps you purchase – no other personal information is ever shared.

To get started, go to www.blippy.com, signup, and connect to MobiHand from the Accounts page. If you’d like a preview, here’s what other MobiHand customers are currently sharing.

Of course, some of you will think revealing what you’re buying is crazy. If you’re one of these people just don’t signup (or signup, don’t link your MobiHand account, and just watch what your friends are buying). Blippy does give you the ability to temporarily turn off sharing, or to only show your purchases to approved friends.

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