image With the proliferation of better quality cameras coming to GPS-aware mobile devices, we started seeing seen an increasing number of mobile photography apps that jump in to the social fray.

In addition to Foodspotting, Instagram, PicPlz,,.. Yesterday, a   new player emerged Path as a new “personal social network”.

Granted, you could share your photos with a selective group of friends and family the new Facebook Group, but similar to Instagram, simplicity is the key here.

Path only allows you to have up to 50 friends and family members chosen from your phone address book.  The members of your group need to join Path to enjoy the experience.

Member can take picture, tag to friends along with description such place and thing (object event,..), these 3 elements (people, place and thing) constitute a “moment”. The app will notify when the “moment” is seen and by whom.

• Capture life’s moments with your iPhone camera.
• Share your life with 50 close friends and family.
• Tag your moments with people, places, and things.
• Know when your close friends have seen your moments.
• Explore your friends’ moments on a map.

You can try Path on the iPhone (Android and Blackberry versions are coming) and share your thoughts about having another social network?

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