While many of us are still drooling over the new 3D capable large TV sets for this holiday, Toshiba just threw a curb ball to the TV industry by announcing the availability of its 3D TV sets, which will not require viewers to wear those cumbersome glasses.


The company prepares to start selling the world’s first glasses-free 3D televisions in Japan this week, Toshiba markets smaller screen size 12-inch glasses-free TVs in Japan on Wednesday and then will offer the larger 20-inch model Saturday. But the company plans to go global with models of over 40 inches in 2011.

The challenge of glasses-free 3D is viewers have to position within a limited number of viewing angles to see the illusion of depth. Therefore, the technology works best on smaller devices such cellphone or portable game console, however Toshiba claims its technology can overcome this hurdle and it will use it to the company advantages to compete effectively with other companies (Samsung, LG, Sony..).

This is not the first time, Toshiba initiates new standard in the consumer electronic space. The last attempt was the high-def video standard known as HD-DVD, which caved to its main competitor Blu-Ray. We hope to know more in few weeks at CES 2011.

[Via WSJ]

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