Introduced today, Color is a  free application for iPhones and Android devices that allows people in close proximity to capture and have real-time access to photos, videos, and text simultaneously from multiple smartphones.

imageColor is the best way of sharing an experience without the hassle of passing cameras around, emailing or uploading images and videos online.

Created by Bill Nguyen, the founder  of Lala that Apple acquired for $80 million. Color raised $41M in financing from Bain Capital Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Silicon Valley Bank.  The company is based in Palo Alto, California

"Color is the most advanced and intuitive way to share with your iPhone and other smartphones," said Bill Nguyen, Color’s CEO.  "We are happiest when we experience life together: not alone and days later online. By creating Color, we made it possible to instantly capture, experience and share life with those around you without rigid Web concepts like ‘friending.’ We believe real social interactions are dynamic and evolve with time."

image Multi-lens
Color intelligently identifies nearby smartphones, whether at a local park or at a concert, using advanced proximity algorithms.  Every photo, video, and text captured by each smartphone through Color is instantly shared with surrounding phones also using Color. There are no attachments, uploading or post-production work required.  For the first time with Multi-lens, you will finally get to see and keep all photos from everyone at a shared moment, including ones that you are actually in.

Modern Community, Elastic Networking
Beyond faraway friends and family, Color opens the door to a broader community with neighbors, workmates, and new acquaintances. Getting to know new people is almost impossible online. Virtual friend requests and fictional identities and get in the way of making genuine connections. Color is free of these headaches. There are no profiles to create, no passwords to manage. Instead, an open, visual bulletin of real-time activity is displayed for all people using Color nearby. With Color, introductions are made and you are able see what the lives of others are like. The bulletins are gradually adjusted in volume up or down based on real-life activity without the burden of privacy settings or managing friend requests. Color is social networking for a Post-PC world.

Color is a Visual Diary
Every photo and video captured using Color is stored on the Web for immediate access via the application without requiring massive amounts of storage space on your phone.  Capture every experience without worrying about using up memory; Color has infinite capacity.  Each day is beautifully displayed as a series of thumbnail images.  Scroll through days, weeks, or even months, instantly using an intuitive touch interface.  Tap on any image to go back to the day when it was originally captured for full contextual information, like who was involved, who saw it, and whatever conversation it sparked. Looking back has never been so detailed, easy and fun.

Color is for Everyone
Color maintains a strict public use policy to ensure that everything shared is appropriate for all ages.  Only public images and videos should be captured.  Anything captured is visible to those around you and naturally identifiable to you.  Color requires real-life etiquette and accountability for all actions. Any violation of decency can result in permanent suspension of service for a specific smartphone.

Color is available via the Apple App Store and the Android Market in the US, parts of Europe and Asia immediately.  Color supports iPhone 3GS and 4 on both GSM and CDMA networks and iTouch 4th generation devices using Wi-Fi.  Android devices with version 2.0 and greater are also supported.  Color is free to download and use.

To learn more about Color please visit

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