As the browser increases in speed, the popular Web search engines also are looking the way to improve the search result to satisfy the instant gratification of Web surfer.

While there were nothing wrong with the search leader Google, recently the company introduced Google Instant search that essentially predicts and provides search results as you type character by character of the search query before you hit the enter key. Popular search items such typing weather and a city, would gives instant result along with relevant links.  

Today Yahoo! announced Search Direct that the developers call “a Search Box of Awesome”. Search Direct is the answer to Google Instant. Yahoo! thinks while Google Instant provides mostly links for you to choose from. Google Search Direct would be the simplest and fastest way to find answers, not links.

When you visit, start typing “wea” as below shown, Yahoo! Search Direct matches these letters to the most popular search terms in the drop down left panel, hover the mouse on each term will reveal its result on the right pane. In this case if you  type wea.. chances are you see immediately your local weather on the right.


The same method is applicable to search for the score from last night’s game, the weather for tomorrow, the nutritional facts for your double-skinny soy macchiato, or your local movie times.

Try it for yourself,  you could type in ‘Kobe Bryant’, ‘SF Giants’, ‘AMZN’, ‘Movies 94123’, ‘Weather 94089’, and get your answers directly in the search assist tray with rich content and answers as you type, and most of the time before you’re even done typing.

Even when there aren’t rich answer or deep-link for your search, Yahoo! is showing you just three, yep, that’s right, just three results. These aren’t just any three, these three make up the top results the algorithm  thinks will best serve your needs based on the context of your search, network behavior, and behavior of the masses.

According to Yahoo:

“How it works: We offer the top 30 results in a way that is extremely simple to comprehend. As the user types, we provide the top 10 most likely searches and for each of those we provide the top 3 results. We call it search previews. It provides bite size results that make it incredibly easy for a user to scan and actually comprehend the top results. And once the user finds the site they need, we provide direct access to it, removing the unnecessary step of a results page. In removing all the noise, you’re finally able to focus on your search intent, getting directly to your answer and getting on with your day. Awesome.”

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