image Zite, a new iPad “aggregator” magazine, created by a startup in Vancouver just emerged with great features that can challenge Flipboard, a similar service that earned Apple app of the year 2010. 

Unlike Flpboard, which reformats your Twitter timeline and your Facebook Newsfeed or add few curate contents in to a pleasant magazine format suitable to iPad reading experience, Zite will collect your Twitter and your Google reader accounts to initially learn your reading habit and reference, then further refine and personalize based on your interests and your reading behavior.  As a result, you will find articles from your familiar sources as well as new discovery. The articles are categorized by your interests from Zite intelligent guesses. Readers have the option to change or add other interests.   

The technology is based on computational Intelligence algorithm developed by researchers at the University of British Columbia’s Laboratory.

"It’s a combination of semantic- and statistically based machine learning," says CEO Ali Davar, of Zite. "It works by looking at the articles you click on and the characteristics of those articles. Is the article longer or shorter? Is it skewed toward one element of a topic or another? Is it a political blog? If so, does it have have a right- or left-wing slant?"


[Via FastCompany]

Free download in the iTunes app store.

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