image AOL just made available its content delivery app for the Apple iPad. The app is called Editions, which is a news, feeds reader formatted especially for the iPad.

AOL has recently invested heavily into contents such the recent acquisition of popular techblog TechCrunch and Engadget a couple of years ago.

AOL Editions offers predictive themed curated contents based on reader tastes in addition to more traditional way similar to Flipboard, Zite,, etc..where readers have to select type of feeds they want.

Because of its size and its popularity, the iPad has become a good platform for reading magazine. In addition to news aggregators, more and more publishers will certainly jump on the bandwagon (Virgin, NewsCorp) and even Facebook is jumping in with the latest acquisition of Push Pop Press.


Every morning, at a time of your choosing, you’ll receive a unique 30- to 40-page magazine tailored to your interests. Editions replicates some of the features that make magazines fun to read, including beautiful pages, images and layout, and fast and easy page turning. Every Edition has a cover, a list of top articles and a final page that features your daily horoscope.
Additional features include:

  • A total of 15 topic sections to choose from, including Design, Tech, Business, Family, Health & Fitness, Sports, Entertainment and Travel
  • The ability to edit each section to include your favorite companies, teams, celebrities, sources etc.
  • Localized news and weather – for large cities and small towns alike – as well as hyper-local content sources
  • A built-in calendar that syncs with Facebook and iCal to display important events, meetings and birthdays
  • Adjustable font sizes and color options
  • Option to save an article for later, or share it by email, Facebook or Twitter

You can download the free Editions by AOL app from the app store.

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