image Although Siri has been know for funny answers to some silly questions, let’s not forget it is an utility that might change drastically the way we interact with our mobile device. You can make Siri to be more efficient  as your personal assistant.

You probably have seen demo video, in which the user asks Siri call my brother, text my mom, etc… Even with her super artificial intelligence, there is no way to get Siri understand without your help first. You’d need to establish the relationships and places in your contact list including your phone number, your work and home addresses, etc.. You can next tell Siri your relationship with others.. “Mary Anne Brombley is my mother” “John Deer is my brother”, etc.. Siri then will confirm and update your profile.

When you ask Siri to send a SMS text message, you can spell out punctuation such comma, question mark, exclamation point within the text, Siri is smart enough to insert the punctuation for you.

Since Siri is a talking tool, if you are at a public place and do not want to talk out loud, you can have your iPhone uses proximity sensor so Siri will activate when you put the phone to your ear .  Go to  Settings > General > Siri, and turn on "Raise to speak."

Some additional resources:
TUAW’s full list of commands you can use

The best way to learn more about Siri is to get the book entailed “Unleash the power of Apple’s intelligent assistant – Talking to Siri” – Published on 10/28/11. The book is written by two veterans of the Apple world, "Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple’s Intelligent Assistant" is a short, focused ebook that teaches readers how to use Siri from the ground up and achieve the highest recognition rates as you talk. You’ll discover practical how-to mixed with examples that inspire as well as instruct. Debuting on the iPhone 4S, the voice-driven Siri assistant uses natural language processing to answer questions, respond to commands, and provide assistance.

Talking to Siri covers:
* Creating notes
* Searching for contacts
* Going shopping with Siri
* Creating reminders and checking your calendar
* Replying to text messages and sending mail to groups
* Searching Wikipedia
* Monitoring the Stock Market
* Performing dictation
* The lighter side of Siri
* Siri security
* And more

Talking to Siri:
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