As part of the series of stand-alone messenger apps (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), today Facebook extends its Messenger app to Windows 7. The stand-alone app offers  Facebook Chat, the new Ticker feed, and notifications as side docked and popped-up windows.


Users are required to log-in to Facebook and remained logged-in even with browser inactive, in order for the messenger app to work.

You might ask why Facebook is doing it, since all of the above and more can be had with regular browser. Well in some corporate environment, where Facebook users spend at most part of their days, often don’t allow employees to access to Facebook site. The messenger could be part of the forbidden fruits, but it could also escape the scrutiny at least for the time being.

The official release has been prompted by the download link leaked few days ago by third party  developers, to whom Facebook had granted access for testing since November of this year.   Facebook promises more features will be added in future releases, such multiple friend chatting, video calling, etc..

Facebook develops this app not in collaboration with Microsoft despite the strong tie between the 2 companies.  Mac users might have to wait for a little longer. 

[Source Facebook Download link Via ZDnet]

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