image Details emerged and reported from Bloomberg that Apple is readying a new version of its popular iPad, which sports a higher definition display, a quad-core A6 processor and a model  will support 4G LTE network for the first time in Apple product line.  It is unclear if the new model will supplement or replace the iPad 2.

Manufacturings reportedly are ramping up production starting this month and after the Chinese new year, the production is expected to fire all cylinders for March launch.

If this rumor is true, the next iPad will be the first major product launch from Apple since the death of company co-founder Steve Jobs in October of last year. And it also implies the next iPhone iteration will also offer support of 4G LTE, a much faster data networks that Verizon and AT&T are using.

According to reliable sources, Bloomberg also states: “The new display is capable of greater resolution than the current iPad, with more pixels on its screen than some high- definition televisions, the person said. The pixels are small enough to make the images look like printed material, according to the person. Videos begin playing almost instantly because of the additional graphics processing”

[Source Bloomberg]

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