Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console seems to have failed to attract both customers and developers, some dependable sources report. A French website has recently posted two articles on the crumple of Nintendo’s much-hyped handheld gaming console with auto stereoscopic 3D display. It looks like that both developers and customers have ignored the gaming device because of several reasons. There is also an indication in the articles that the Japanese gaming giant will be killing the existing 3Ds and will be up with an advanced upgrade next year without highlighting glasses-free 3D display as a major selling point. The articles seem to be penned down by someone, who has a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in Nintendo


Possible reasons of 3DS failure

The French technology blog has listed out several reasons for the potential failure of 3DS. The first one is Nintendo’s strict games validation policy. Many developers have complained that the company has a tough validation strategy. The software development kits (SDK) from Nintendo’s partners Marubeni and Kyoto Electric are not only expensive, but also incompetent enough.

The much-flaunted glasses-free display of 3DS has evidently received responses just opposite to what was expected by the company. In fact, the auto stereoscopic display technology is in its infancy stage. Nintendo 3DS may be one of reputed products to have a glasses-free 3D that has many more drawbacks to be fixed. First of all, the one with the viewing angle; you should have to sit in a particular angle to watch the contents on the display properly. If you watch the contents from left or right sides of the screen, you will miss the flow of visuals.

Possibility for a 3DS II

There have been wide talks on tech blogs that Nintendo is reportedly working to develop a second generation for its 3DS device for next year. Is there any prospect for an upgrade to 3DS? Of course, says a team of reviewers. According to them, if Nintendo rolls out a 3DS gaming console moving from using 3D as the major selling point, the device will find more customers.

Moreover, Nintendo 3DS has been facing grit challenge from its Sony counterpart NGP (Next Generation Portable). So as to take on NGP, a Sony PlayStation handheld gaming device, Nintendo will have to prepare a second generation 3DS with more features and developer friendly approaches.

Nintendo unveiled its 3DS gaming console at E3 2010. The gaming gadget was announced in March 2010. Nintendo 3DS is the successor to Nintendo DS series of handheld consoles, which were competing with Sony’s PlayStation Portable. The gaming device is, of course, known for its auto stereoscopic 3.53-inch display with a resolution of 800 × 240 pixels. There has been a large attention towards the device when it was released, but the fame was gone later.

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