Corning, the glass manufacturer specialized in flexible, touch-sensitive, glass materials has just released the sequel its popular video “A Day Made of Glass.”  The video is to project the vision of future technologies, using glass , will help shape our everyday lives.

imageFrom Corning: “Set on the same day, “A Day Made of Glass 2” follows the same futuristic family as they journey through day, but instead focuses on the father and two daughters. As the characters work, learn, and play, the applications for specialty glass extend into the classroom, hospital, and home of the near future. Glass is the essential material enabling this new world. The displays and touch surfaces of the future will require materials that are tough, yet thin and lightweight; that can enable complex electronic circuits and nano functionality; that can scale for very large applications, and that also have a cool, touch-friendly aesthetic.”

Watch this inspiring video and pray that we will live it sometime our lifetime.


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