image Business users rejoice. For the next business presentation, you can just leave the laptop and the LCD projector behind.. Well almost, if your audience is just a small group and if you can dim down the light near darkness.

Nevertheless, icebreaking conversation is guaranteed  when you pull out your ordinary looking smartphone with only 12.5mm thick and beam to the nearby wall to project your presentation to up to 50” in size.

This second generation of smartphone equipped with a 15 lumen built-in projector achieve great packaging to make the projector almost unnoticeable.

‘”This phone can do what your TV cannot do. Because your TV is fixed to the wall, so you have to sit on the couch in the living room to enjoy your favorite movie. Now, with this phone, you can take it indoors outdoors. To a camping site, to a classroom, to a living room and also to your bedroom and shoot it on the ceiling, while in bed with your kids to enjoy your favorite movies”, said the phone’s product manager, Will Bean

On the phone side, the Galaxy Beam is running Android 2.3; 4” 480×800 resolution display and 1GHz dual-core CPU; 8GB of onboard storage; 768MB of RAM, HSPA, 5MP camera…

No words on availability nor pricing yet.

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