Camera Awesome is SmugMug’s new iPhone app. It lets you transform your iPhone photos in to art with beautiful effect filters, similar to Instagram.

The differentiators however are huge for a free app. Camera Awesome helps you to perfect your picture taking with burst modes, self-timer, stabilization (video), level, manual adjust expose and focus separately, big button mode (tap anywhere to snap photo) etc..

You can pull down the tab at the top to display tons of powerful compositional tools and effects. The same effects can also be used when taking videos..   Flip the camera to video mode and  Camera Awesome‘s pre-record feature catches the action 5 whole seconds before you hit the button.

Rest assured, the feature rich app also gives you one button to immediate awesomize your photo without getting into much tweaking. Just hit the magic want icon and the app lets you apply thousands of amazing effects that turn your photo into art: Note that only the first set of filters is free, additional filters on other pages cost $.99 per set, along with optional paid subscription to SmugMugs, should you want to use their Cloud service to store & share your media. That’s how the developer makes money for their efforts.

Your final media can be shared on popular social networking sites or saved back to your iPhone camera roll. You can read additional tutorial HERE!

As amazing as expensive cameras are, they can’t do at any price what Camera Awesome can for free:


Feature highlights

  • Be so simple anyone can use it.
  • Provide advanced features like a level for the horizon and an easy way to focus in one spot and set exposure in another.
  • Apply effects designed by pro photographers (like Kevin Kubota) to transform your memories from forgettable into stunning works of art.
  • Share instantly on all your favorite sites.
  • Auto-archive photos and videos to your SmugMug account.
  • Precord video so that when you tap the record button, you record the past.
  • Be fun and whimsical and… did we say fun and whimsical?

Get it free now from the App Store and start Awesomizing your world.

As far as Android platform, this is what the developer has to say: “We’re working on Android. Promise. But it’s *very* hard. There’s a ton of different hardware, and then Google/Android give us pretty insane memory limitations. We’re working through all the issues, but it will still be awhile.  Turns out there’s a good reason why there aren’t any great camera apps on Android yet. They make it nearly impossible” Don MacAskill/SmugMug

[Source SmugMug]

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