Flipboard just revamped its social curated magazine for iPad to add larger “Cover Stories”; Third page of tiles table of contents; new typography and layout and lastly, a first standalone French edition. Hopefully the arrival is ready for the iPad 3 showdown next week.

#C[15]As we introduced the must have app Flipboard for your iPhone and iPad, the beautiful free electronic magazine that lets you discover interesting contents and lets you choose the most relevant information that matter most to you, whether from the Web or from your social networking circles. Flipboard formats them in to the most intuitive and enticing for your reading pleasure.

In the new version, the large cover page shows the most interesting stories of the days using sophisticated algorithm based on your personal relevance collected during your habit browsing or interacting with the contents.

Twitter and Facebook are also have their prominent pages in Flipboard. In Facebook section, you can select to view all possible components such wall, pages, group, friends, newsfeed, etc…

RSS contents are often shown in excerpt in headline format along with the original Web article at the bottom to avoid infringement with the content providers.

Other tweaks including typography and photo layout that make the edition more  beautiful to enjoy.

The Flipboard app updates and the French edition are available in iTunes App Store

Feature highlights:

  • A third page of tiles provides a home for all your favorite content. This is one of the most-requested features from Flipboard fans.
  • New typography and photo layouts will make your Flipboard even more beautiful.
  • Easy set-up lets you pick topics of interest and instantly build your Flipboard with great stuff to read.
  • International Content Guides offer hundreds of recommendations for readers in the UK and Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Tap on the red ribbon to choose your Content Guide edition.
  • All-new French-language edition. We launched a French Content Guide back in December, but now the app itself is in French, too. You’ll get it if your device region is set to France.

[Source InsideFlipboard]

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