image This piece of news has been on and off for the last few years. But this time it seems the release is imminent. According to solid sources GigaOm few weeks back and today from TNW, the search giant will make it available possibly as soon as next week.

If the speculation is accurate, Google will grant 5GB of free cloud storage to all users. Additional capacity could be offered at cost.. The cloud storage can be access “in desktop” folder for Mac and Windows as vaguely rumored. Android and iOS users can also access to that storage.

It is also good to know that Google is going to revamp its Chrome OS, an operating system that relies solely on Web browser, which probably integrates the new Cloud storage to mitigate the absence of local storage.  An early developer version indicates the OS features much more friendlier UI and supports multi-resizable windows browser.

Check here: when it becomes available.

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