Ikea, the Swedish company that sells affordable furniture in those yellow blue where house, just announced they will sell you a fully integrated stand-alone home theater system or fits within the company living furniture line for a clean, uncluttered and functional look.


Ikea has come up with a clever solution that has been a headache to must consumers. First to select components to buy; to install and integrate them; to find furniture to fit them in, to deal with cord management and lastly to learn to use several UI and their remote controllers, etc..

The system called Ikea Uppleva, translated in English as Experience, lets you pick the size of the flat screen  HDTV; the unit comes with speakers; wireless subwoofer, receiver, etc.. already integrated in a small unit. All the wirings are cleanly hidden  and a custom remote to control them all with an unified UI.

The Uppleva unit can go to your living room as a stand-alone unit or seamlessly within many styles furniture that Ikea offers.

The solution is going on sale first in Europe and will find its way to State side.. Hopefully before Apple launches its AppleTV.

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