A new wireless headphone technology has just emerged. Koss is proposing an expensive solution that allows you to have wire-free much better audio quality at farther distance when compared to Bluetooth A2DP stereo headsets.


Koss offers 2 models:  Striva-TAP for in-ear and Striva-Pro for over-ear. They cost $500 and $450 respectively at Koss.com. They do need WiFi available to operate. The Pro version can use wired mode.

The Stiva pair acts first as Internet Radio receiver and as traditional headsets to listen to audio from your own devices.

To listen to audio streamed from the Web, users can customize stations via MyKoss portal. Flipping channel can be done right on the headset.

Using the headsets to listen to your audio is a little bit clunky. You have to connect an included small transmitter from Koss, called Striva CAP (content access point), which is plugged to your device using the 3.5mm audio out. Yes, it is another companion piece to worry about losing or running out of battery. I was hoping that the Stiva could use WiFi-Adhoc to connect to the smartphone bypassing the transmitter.


  • Battery Life: 15 hours / 8 hours (STRIVA CAP mode)
  • STRIVA CAP Battery Life: 3 hours / 2 hours (STRIVA CAP mode)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz and 20,000Hz
  • Wi-Fi range: 300ft (in an optimal operating environment)
  • Maximum Input in Millivolts: 1.05V @1kHz=>6% THD.
  • Sensitivity: 95dB< 0.2% THD at 95dB SPL
  • USB AC adapter: 100/240Vac, 50/60Hz
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