The hottest trends on the Web is all about content sharing. Enticing visual characteristics with few text are particularly desirable. Services offering such attractive visual contents with an easy way to  save and to share are very popular. Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, just revamped the new user interface, could serve very well that purpose.       

imageFirst and foremost, Pocket lets you save contents you find on the Web, whether text, Web page, image or video. Only the latter can not replay in offline mode. The service formats your save contents beautifully for later reading.

The free Pocket (Read It Later) has extension built-in in popular curator apps such Flipboard, Zite, Pulse, etc.. with a tap on a button, your contents are save to Pocket for you to enjoy across different platforms you own. Pocket also offers an easy email address to save contents, should your reader service does not offer one-button sharing. 

Pocket features many good options for your reading pleasure with text only option, font size change, background color change, etc.. And I find very intuitive on the tablet such the Apple iPad.


The interface on the iPhone is also nicely done for smaller screen real estate. Don’t forget the service also works on Android devices and the Web as well.

When traveling, as a regular news reader, I feel really “naked” without being able to go online for fresh contents nor read articles I bookmarked, when I am on the air. Pocket actually addresses that issue beautifully.

One last thing, Pocket has become a free app and free service. There is nothing for you to lose!

Read more or download HERE!

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