image As I carry my iPhone in the pocket throughout the day, I pretty much rely on the phone vibration for various notifications, incoming calls, text, etc.. Do you know, just like the audible ring tones, that gives you the possibility to assign to each contact, events, etc.. iOS 5 also gives you the same capability with vibration. You can select already made vibrations or create your own patterns to your likings.

iOS 5 lets you simply tap on the screen to customize your own vibe and save it. Now just go to the contact app and assign this vibration to the contact entry.

You can give it a try, by navigating to Settings – General – Accessibility – Turn on Custom Vibration in the Hearing section – Create New Vibration


Once done, you will find custom vibration is a very nice and convenient way to know who calls you without the need to look at your phone, should you are in a business meeting.

[Screenshots Credit & via PCWorld]

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