Remember the last time you showed your holiday photos to your friends. Did you feel embarrassed at times because of the chaos in the photo collection? Yeah, most people do…

Since you often have to explain many times what this or that shot meant because it is not clear from the photo. And sometimes come across photos you were not going to show but you forgot they were in this folder… So, how to avoid such awkward situations?


The solution is to start using the brand-new slide show maker software. You will see how easily it makes every photo showing session into exciting leisure time. Using this software, you will be able to turn ordinary photos into a fantastic movie with your favorite music, your friends and relatives starring. You will save a lot of time and forget about uploading hundreds of photos to Facebook or Friends Reunited. Instead your friends will enjoy your film and beautiful music.

How to start? First of all, get ready with the photos of an event you would like to cover in the film. It can be summer holiday, your trip to a desert island, birthday party or business presentation, professional portfolio or your child’s first day at school, etc. Every event can be made into a great film! Ready? Now upload them to the slide show maker software, say Bolide Slideshow Creator, the freeware with the full set of all possible options.

Now think about music. As you know, a film’s success depends on the sound track a lot. So, choose the right music to convey the atmosphere and people’s mood at the event. For any film you can add as many sound tracks as you need – with the slide show maker software it as simple as ABC!

The slide show maker software allows you to add text comments as well. It’s saves much of your time – you think of them only once and not repeat every time you show photo collection to somebody.

Now that you have chosen photos, found the right music, added witty text comments – it’s time to choose the transitions effects. They make your slide show coherent and really smooth. You are welcome to choose from hundreds of transition effects available in Bolide Slideshow Creator or, if you like, the program can do everything for you.

The program has a powerful built-in player – any moment you can see the current result and make the necessary changes – the order of the photos, transition effects or whatever you need. The program also allows you to save the output video in various video formats and with different resolution. You may save the video in HD quality and enjoy it on a big screen together with friends.

Well, making a slide show out of photos and music into a single unity is fast, easy and fun with the slide show maker software. Download it now for free and enjoy!

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