If you have not realized but you certainly feel when you use any app on your iPad, iOS opens the app in full-screen mode or equivalent to maximize mode on the desktop. Granted iOS lets you switch to other apps, with the home button double click or slide the screen up with multiple fingers to select the other app, again in full-screen mode. And that is one of the fundamental fact that most people can not use the iPad as production device.


Quasar, a windows manager for the iPad, lets you open and display multiple apps in their sizable, movable windows sharing the same iPad screen real estate. You can see apps side-by-side at once. A behavior that we are familiar on the desktop side. Combining with an external keyboard and mouse, you’d feel at home… (or ironically moving back to PC era after you have embarked on the post-PC era).

The app costs $10 in Cydia Store and requires jailbreak, unfortunately!

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