Vizio just announced a set top box using the latest version of Google TV. The device is called VIZIO CO-Star Stream Player. The $99 set top box will transform any HDTV into the ultimate smart TV, merging live and streaming entertainment into one intuitive and easy experience, as the Irvine company claims.

You can connect the set top box to your cable or satellite box, this allows viewers to enjoy live TV along with the web, apps, OnLive cloud gaming, and other streaming entertainment without interrupting what they’re already watching, thanks to picture-in-picture technology. The box includes an universal touchpad remote with keyboard eliminates the need to switch TV inputs or remotes to access alternative content and provides viewers with a truly smart TV experience


The VIZIO Co-Star incorporates support for 1080p Full HD and 3D entertainment. Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi. Integrated USB port connects to hard drives, keyboards and other peripherals. The VIZIO Co-Star even enables viewers to enjoy photos, music, and movies from any DLNA-enabled phone, tablet, or computer on the TV screen.

The VIZIO CO-Star will be available for pre-orders in July 2012 on for $99.99.

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