Last February, we introduced and highly recommended Clear app for iOS for its simplicity and a cool “funky” look.. Well, things are getting better now with Any.Do app.

If you are using Android, the app has been available for while but if you are iOS user, rejoice.. The feature packed app is also free of charge.

image First, Any.Do has a clean look similar to the now defunct Zune user interface, especially with the optional gray/white fonts over black background.

The beauty is not only skin deep. The user interface is very intuitive. Just pull down to add an item or tap the + sign. The app lets you type with predictive suggestions or just use your voice. Once the item is created you can attach a push reminder, note or share to your social circles. Item can be placed to folder (personal, business, etc..) .

In portrait mode, swipe from bottom up to select the date view, by folder view or completed items.

imageWhen the app is in landscape mode, the 4 icons/tabs located at the bottom will change the 2 pane display to calendar, folder, etc..

The app cleverly shows a quick tutorial when you launch the first time. Once you are familiar you can just swipe each item and delete them

Further more,  if you create an account with Any.Do (with your email address or with Facebook connect), then your to-do list can sync with the Web via a Chrome Browser extension or other mobile devices you might have, using the same app.

The app is available in the App store and Google Play

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