image Microsoft is betting its most popular and beloved consumer platform Xbox 360 to expand the company ecosystem to your living room.

At the E3 conference, the software giant unveiled unexpectedly a new platform called SmartGlass, which will be used as wireless liaison technology that connects your Windows phone, iPhone, iPad and Android to your living room TV via Microsoft Xbox.

Depending on the application, SmartGlass enables the second screen experience to go beyond a mere screen mirroring technology. With SmartGlass the mobile devices can act as a remote control, a gateway to pull information from the internet to enhance content viewing.

Microsoft just added more content partnerships for Xbox Live, such Amazon Instant Video, apps for HBO GO, Xbox Music, etc.. the company is aiming to dominate your living room entertainment and your digital world.

This project probably is eying Apple rumor to release its Apple TV sets in near future.

The technology consists just purely app and firmware for existing Xbox users, will be available in Fall of 2012.


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