image The world has been convinced (somewhat against our will) to give up on the physical keyboard for the soft touchscreen keyboard on the smartphone for the screen/device size as well as production cost saving. But there is no question that human nature would work better with tactile typing using the real keyboard.\ when it comes to text input.

A new technology from Tactus seems to address eloquently the dilemma. the company unveiled a   solution consists of transforming your flat touchscreen in to keys as needed by activating a special liquid called “microfluidics” inside the screen. Since it is activated by liquid, tactile response such as changing the pressure and resistance are totally possible. The “bumps” will go away as soon as the input function is no longer required. This application is for the input keyboard but the technology actually can form shapes dynamically on other applications such game.

According to  The Verge,

“The technology for this tactile layer panel is based on “microfluidics” — beneath the surface of a fairly ordinary-looking touchscreen are a number of channels that can be arranged in any pattern a manufacturer desires, and a small reservoir of fluid (a special type of oil that allows the channels to be invisible, for the most part). To form the shapes of the keys, a tiny amount of fluid is pumped through the channels, which raises a deformable membrane covering the surface of the touchscreen.”

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